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Unique silk-culture from Japan."Sharing Our Unique Silk Culture from Japan―"

In modern-day Japan, silk has been considered a luxury material mostly reserved for the kimono and traditional clothing,
and too delicate for everyday wear. However, silk is not merely a luxury item with gorgeous luster.
It is inherently light and gentle on the skin and offers excellent breathability.
Silk may have become a less familiar commodity over the years,
but there's a growing new generation of consumers who are interested in enjoying silk.

DOKOH SHOJI has always specialized in silk.
We are committed to developing silk yarns, materials,and products appropriate for everyday clothing,
and to creating new silks that leverage silk's excellent qualities while eliminating the disadvantages.
Fortunately, the extensive research on silk and silk technology cultivated through
the kimono and traditional garment culture are still present in Japan.
There are many technologies and designs unique to Japan that are not found elsewhere in the world.
We aim to promote the integration of silk around the globe while utilizing our Japan-bred knowledge and experience,
and share our unique silk culture from Japan to Asia and the world.

Message from Company President

DOKOH SHOJI CO., LTD. President and Representative Director Tsuyoshi Watanabe Photo

"Mastering silk to expand its potential"

DOKOH SHOJI has been building business units that connect Japan and China to develop and control the entire manufacturing process independently, from sourcing, spanning yarns and dyeing, to production, while continually researching the characteristics of silk.

Silk consists of a natural protein that is most similar to that of the human body. It's a revolutionary fiber endowed with unparalleled luster and excellent natural characteristics, including moisture retention, antibacterial properties, and UV protection. It is light and gentle on the skin, warm yet breathable, and is also biodegradable. There's still a lot to be discovered in the profound world of silk. It's a material created by nature, and that's why we continue to believe there's a lot more hidden potentials in silk. It is our mission at DOKOH SHOJI to master this innovative material that is silk and develop its potential—ultimately, to contribute to the environment and fashion in the 21st century.

President and Representative Director
Tsuyoshi Watanabe


Company Name DOKOH SHOJI CO., LTD.
  • ・Kyoto Headquarters
  • 617 Manjuya-cho, Rokkaku Bldg. 3F
    Karasuma Dori - Rokkaku-agaru,
    Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8161
  • TEL+81-75-252-2488FAX+81-75-252-0171
Company Representative President and Representative Director Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Founded April 14, 1982
Capital JPY50,000,000
Services & Products Import and sales of raw textile materials and textile products
Bank Relations Mitsubishi UFJ Bank - Kyoto-Chuo Branch
Kyoto Shinkin Bank - Main Branch
Mizuho Bank - Kyoto-Chuo Branch
  • April 1984

    DOKOH SHOJI CO., LTD. is founded in 1-22,Shimotsubayashi Rokutanda, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto with a capital of 1M JPY

  • September 1984

    Capital is increased to 4M JPY

  • October 1984

    Capital is increased to 10M JPY

  • December 1996

    Headquarters moves to Karasuma Nijo Building in Kyoto

  • July 1997

    Capital is increased to 50M JPY

  • June 1998

    Headquarters moves to the current address

  • April 2001

    Tokyo office opens in the city's Ebisu neighborhood in Shibuya-ku

  • May 2001

    Dai Watanabe is appointed as Senior Executive Director

  • February 2003

    Xu Ri Dong Fashion Co., Ltd. is established in Nantong City, China

  • March 2003

    The company receives the Oscar certification from Kyoto Prefectural Support Center for Small and Medium Enterprises

  • April 2005

    The initial mid-term management plan is implemented

  • May 2005

    Representative Director Hiroshi Watanabe retires from presidency and assumes the role of the Chairman of the Board
    Senior Executive Director Dai Watanabe succeeds as President of the company

  • January 2006

    Tukexy Silk Trading Co., Ltd. is established in Shanghai, China

  • May 2007

    The 25th anniversary ceremony is held in Kyoto

  • April 2008

    The second mid-term management plan is implemented

  • June 2009

    Tokyo office moves to the current address

  • April 2011

    The third mid-term management plan is implemented

  • September 2012

    The 30th anniversary ceremony is held in Shanghai

  • August 2013

    The wholly-owned Shanghai company moves to the current location

Office Locations

Kyoto Headquarters

Tokyo Office

Tukexy Silk Trading Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)

Xu Ri Dong Fashion (Tong Zhou) Co., Ltd.

  • 6 Zhen Xing Lu, Shi Zhong Zhen, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, CHINA