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We have achieved Just-in-Time Manufacturing, which combines a production system taking manufacturing capabilities in China and material shipment into consideration, through systematic and timely production management.
Currently, apparel manufacturing engineers in the Tokyo and Shanghai offices are dedicated to the manufacture of our products focusing on the “customer’s requests and process in the factory.”

Our apparel business developed OEM production and conducts market surveys based on customers’ requests on material, embroidery work and accessories to meet customer needs.
While predicting the possible problems that may be caused by a material or design, we offer a sewing technique which is gentle on the material in order to use many different components including stones, beads or embroidery tapes, with consideration of the most cost-effective sewing process.

The Tokyo Office participates in world-wide creation, monozukuri, and market development to achieve our objective, the offering of new products to our customers.
The Shanghai Office supports China-based production including delivery management and thorough product inspection, ensuring the quality of Chinese production and logistics.

Both the Tokyo and Shanghai staff have a deep knowledge of sewing technology.
The advanced sewing technology required for the materials will maintain high quality.