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Asahi Nitto Jiso Tongzhou Co., Ltd.

DOKOH SHOJI continues to pursue its ideal with foreign sewing factories. Staff with deep knowledge of sewing technology. The advanced sewing technology required for these materials will maintain high quality.

Typically, silk weaving and knitting factories are located separately and the production is managed by the same director. This operation may cause very unstable production cycles, effort, and quality.

We have invested in sewing machines for fabric in the silk embroidery factory to resolve this issue.

Fully integrated principles ensure a stable sewing process, with the convergence of traditional and the latest technologies. In addition, fabric sewing, flat knitting and manual processing line operations were established in the factory following the global corporate strategy, all of which support high-quality production based on our policy, “The creation of genuine garments.”

TUKEXY SILK TRADING CO., LTD. is a commercial enterprise established based on Ordinance No. 8, and has domestic wholesale rights and trade rights. TUKEXY SILK TRADING imports and exports textile materials and related products from/to customers or suppliers in China and foreign countries, as well as offers a wholesale business, commission agency, after-sales service and other related services.

TUKEXY SILK TRADING’s main business is the wholesale and import/export of products to develop a robust network for DOKOH SHOJI’s production, services and sales in order to offer the best solutions in response to customer requests.